What Makes Planter Bag Versatile Compared To Pots?

What Makes Planter Bag Versatile Compared To Pots?

Do you wish to decorate your yard with vegetables, fruits, and herbs? The planter bag allows you to grow plants in a pack instead of planter boxes and pots. It is ideal for fruit and vegetable cultivation on balconies and terrace. It can be easily transported because of the lightweight.

Also, it is a kind of planter that allows vegetables, herbs, fruits to grow in a bag. They aren’t tricky to water. It thus made soil adequate for healthy and productive tomatoes. Want to know various advantages of the planter bag? Keep reading to decorate your gardening well.

Planter Bag Vertical Vegetable Garden

It’s a garden planter bag appropriate for fruits, flowers, herbs, and vegetables. It has eight built-in pockets for the crop to grow out of it. The bag made using PE plastic that makes it anti-corrosive, cold and heat resistant, durable, and waterproof.

Also, available with drain holes at the bottom of the planter bag. The appropriate size is 35 x 45 cm or 13.8 x 17.7 inches. The package content has only one garden planter’s potato grow bag. The fabric is BPA-free and breathable. The produce bags come along with reinforced stitched corners and seams.

Planter Bag Benefits

Imagine harvesting and planting from multiple planter bags growing out of the pocket. Thus, with long-lasting, waterproof, and cold and heat resistant features, it makes your experience complete.

Healthier Plant Roots

In pot or box, the plant root grows in a circling manner. This increases not only oxygenation but also water stagnation issues. But plastic bag aid to alleviate this problem as the root remains in contact with bag fabric. It protects the overgrowth of plant roots, thus eliminating girdling sources.

Temperature Control

During summer, the direct sunlight makes the pot quite hot, and it is not breathable. However, the planter bag controls the temperature because of the breathability quality.

Watering Considerations Of Planter Bag

Frequent watering is the demand of the bag. However, over-water is harder as the excess moisture wick out the bag. In contrast, traditional pot develops fungus or mold.

Planter Bag Storage

The grow bags are foldable and store minimal space. In contrast, traditional pots need stacking for storage. That’s what makes them appropriate for peppers, herbs, potatoes, tomatoes, fruiting trees, stevia, and flowers. It allows you to get fibrous roots when it is air pruned. It will enable the plants to absorb more water and more nutrients compared to traditional pots.


Grow bags are of low weight; it can be taken to different locations quickly. It can be easily planted ingrown and are biodegradable.


Do you ever wish to grow vegetables and fruits without any issue of space? Then vertical vegetable garden bags are better containers. It is typically made for urban areas where space is less available.

Moreover, it makes people aware of sustainable natural living. It is a perfect solution for all your planting problems. Since made using the sack-like bag, it will accommodate larger soil volume.

Also, it is available with pocket-like openings that make it efficient for harvesting strawberries, flowers, herbs, and vegetables.

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