Vegan Mexican Food in Leeds

vegan mexican food

Have you ever wondered what makes Mexican food such delicious? The simple answer is flavour! Mexican cuisine features an endless variety of flavorful, colourful choices, and most importantly, easy to prepare and enjoyable to ruin. Mexican is by far the best cuisine to learn to cook, whether you’re a beginner or a veteran chef, because the food is so easy to prepare and yet so difficult to ruin! The recipes are almost impossibly mouth watering and are worth their weight in gold!

The Tortillas

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One of the most popular dishes in Mexican cuisine is tortillas. Vegan Mexican food aficionados will love this easy to prepare vegan Mexican breakfast and they are surprisingly easy to find, especially online. You can use just about any vegan recipe for tortillas that you love, from hearty enchiladas to creamy quesadillas. If you’re not a fan of the tortilla, try warming it up in a little sauce over some fresh tortillas, or serve it with chopped tomatoes and some fresh herbs. Mexican cuisine is so full of flavour that almost any combination of food can be added into the vegan Mexican food I’m going to suggest.


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As far as Mexican dishes go, tacos are probably some of the most famous dishes. Unfortunately, vegan Mexican food doesn’t quite have the same flair, which is strange since these dishes originated in the warm, humid south. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t as delicious as you’d expect. With fresh tomatoes, onions and a generous helping of your favourite salsa, tacos are a healthy, filling and very satisfying meal. I love to snack on these while I’m waiting for the tacos to be cooked on the oven, but they make an excellent light meal too.

Burritos As The King Of Mexican Dishes

Of course, burritos are the king of Mexican dishes, and not just any burrito. The real trick to Mexican cooking is making a delicate and tasty taco that has just the right amount of beef, cheese, salsa and everything else you’d expect in a traditional burrito. There are several vegan burrito restaurants around the city, so you can choose something from your favourite one to go inside the restaurant. My favourite is La Guajita Grill in Leeds Castle, which has an extensive menu of different dishes, many of which have been adapted for vegan use. La Guajita Grill also has vegan friendly drinks and a fantastic range of fillings.

Of course, fajitas are a staple of Mexican cuisine, and fortunately, many Mexican restaurants now offer vegan versions. There are a few places in Leeds that specialize in fajitas, including La Guajita Grill, so finding a place with an excellent menu full of vegan fajitas shouldn’t be difficult. One particularly good option is Tortilleria Mariscos in Leeds Castle. This restaurant offers an all-meat, all-fish menu – which can sometimes means you have to substitute fish for meat. However, it has some excellent vegan options, such as tofu-based quesadillas, which is made using soy beans.

Last Words

Of course, the best vegan meals are those that leave the flavor of the ingredients intact, and which aren’t loaded with unhealthy red meats, cheese and other animal products. Fortunately, Mexican food in Leeds doesn’t mean bad tasting, unhealthy food. The same goes for vegan sushi in Leeds. There are many vegan sushi bars around town, and most of them serve excellent tasting vegan sushi. You can also find vegan bistros and cafes, which offer everything from sandwiches to salads to desserts – including some traditional Japanese favorites.

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