Vegan Meal Plans For Beginners

vegan recipes for beginners

Easy vegan recipes for beginners that taste great can be found just about anywhere! Vegan cooking is becoming more popular every day, so why not try vegan recipes for beginners as a way to learn how to cook? If you enjoy eating vegetables and fruits, the taste can be incredible! Here are a few simple vegan recipes for beginners that will get you started in the right direction.

One easy and delicious meal is to prepare a vegetarian chili for dinner. This chili can be spiced with cumin, chopped tomatoes, onions, cilantro, corn, tofu, black beans and white beans. Easy vegan protein is available in many different bean cultures, such as wheat or quinoa, and these can easily be used to substitute meat. Make these tofu enchiladas in advance for an easy lunch.

A Chocolate Fudge Frosting For Pies, Cupcakes

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Another delicious dessert recipe for vegans is to make a chocolate fudge frosting for pies, cupcakes or any dessert that you would normally bake. The vegan ingredients used in this recipe will add lots of flavor and healthy chocolate sauce. Chocolate fudge is not only good as a dessert, but it also pairs well with trail mix, nuts, carrots, apples and more. If you do not like chocolate sauce on your desserts, you can also use a vegan marshmallow sauce to give them a different flavor.

For desserts that are similar to a traditional meal, like cookies or brownies, you can make vegan chocolate muffins for the meal that you are planning. These can be made in advance, freeze them in portions and then take out the muffin portion when you are ready to eat. These vegan chocolate muffins are a tasty snack during the day or in between meals.

Healthy Energy Bites

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There are many different types of healthy energy bites that you can create at home. One such example is to use bean chips instead of chips in your tacos and burritos. These healthy bites are easy to make and they have lots of flavor. You can use dried onions, bell pepper, garlic, salsa and other vegetables to prepare the snack. You can also substitute hemp seed oil for sunflower oil in order to have healthier oil for your tortillas. Making these snacks will help you stay full longer and feel satisfied.

Another simple vegan recipe for beginners is to use the ingredients that are already in your cupboard. This can include items such as canned fruits and vegetables, dehydrated raw veggies (such as spinach or squash), and dehydrated fruits and vegetables. When you cook these items in water instead of oil, you can turn them into creamy consistency sauces. These recipes are also easy to follow because there is no need for fancy cooking techniques. The key to making these recipes easy to follow is to choose simple ingredients and eliminate the things that can easily ruin a good meal.

Write Down Everything

One way that you can make vegan meals easy to follow is to write down everything that you will need to prepare a particular dish so that you will not have to do your research in front of the TV or computer screen.

Many vegans who are trying to stick to a diet do not have the time or the patience to find and eat the right kind of foods. By using recipes for beginners, you can spend more time focusing on the actual ingredients that you will be putting into the dish rather than the process of creating the dish. This can make eating healthy vegan meals a lot easier.


If you are looking for easy vegan recipes for beginners, you will find plenty of them by doing an internet search. There are even free cookbooks that can provide you with vegan meal plans and easy to follow dinner recipes. These recipes for beginners are a great way to get your family involved in preparing healthy meals.

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