Vegan Chili Recipes For the Whole Family

vegan chili recipes

You CAN eat vegan chili, if you really, truly want to! That’s right, there are several very tasty vegan chili recipes out there, and they are not made with animal meats. Believe it or not, the secret is not being hidden at all!

A Good Vegan Chilli Recipe

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A good chili recipe will usually start with some vegetables (like peppers), some tomatoes, black beans, spices (such as cumin, garlic powder, or dried oregano) and perhaps a little liquid, such as soy sauce. The idea is that this is a hearty chili that is full of flavor. If you use liquid soy sauce, it will be better if you can soak the beans in water for an hour or so before you begin. If you are using powdered spices, such as cumin, garlic powder, or dried oregano, it will also be better if you can soak these powders in water for about an hour before you begin cooking.

Of course, there are several other choices for vegan chili recipes that will have your guests and yourself begging for more. One of the most popular ones is called Bean Cilantro Tortilla Recipe and it is made with dried cilantro, bean sprouts, and a bit of lime juice. The result is a delicious vegetarian chili that has some kick. There are also many people who claim that the flavor of the dish is improved if the beans are cooked in a little water first.

Is Vegan Chili Is Same As Real Deal Vegan Chili

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But is vegan chili really the same as real deal vegan chili? Is there really any kind of difference between the two? Can you really use either of these recipes and have a good time dining on them? These are questions that many people have been asking, and some people have actually decided to make their own version of the original chili recipe.

To determine whether or not there is any real difference between the two, you’ll just have to take a look at the ingredients. Although both vegan chili recipes call for dried chili peppers, the only real difference is that the flavor they offer is slightly less powerful. For example, the soy sauce used in most of the original recipe is more reminiscent of a tomato-based marmalade, which means more of a sauce that will taste like tomatoes, and not the soy sauce we typically associate with tofu. In some cases, the sauce may even be too soy-based to be truly vegan, since soy sauce is sometimes used as a meat alternative, so it can’t always be considered completely vegan.

Level Of Spiciness

Since there isn’t a clear-cut distinction between the original and the “real deal” version, what can you expect from either of these vegan chili recipes? Well, since the original recipe calls for a habanera pepper, which is a milder variety of chili pepper, I’d imagine the dish will be spicy without being over the top. A medium hot is going to be perfect for this meal prep chili recipe. You can adjust it to your taste by adding cumin for that real Perro de Perro flavor.

Final Words

Of course, if you’re looking for a vegan chili recipe to try that’s exciting you can also explore the TVP (Tubo Cubana) version of this popular dish. The TVP bean variety is made from dried kidney beans and simmered in water until tender, then covered in flour and fried. Once the beans are cooked, you can add any variety of additional flavors, such as soy sauce, cheese, or cilantro. The TVP bean variety of this chili is becoming more widely available, so look for it at your local health food store or online. It really is worth trying!

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