Vegan Angel Food Cake – All You Need To Know About It

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They are usually quite different from regular vegan recipes and they stand out as special treats. If you like your vegan desserts to have a lot of flavor and also to be rather colorful, then a vegan angel food cake recipe is right for you. Vegan cakes will often contain fruit as well. Some of the most popular ones include:

 Choosing A Vegan Recipe That Uses Eggs

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For vegan angel food cake recipes, the key to success is in choosing a vegan recipe that uses eggs, rather than soy or casein eggs. The texture of the healthy dessert is quite similar to an ordinary angel food cake recipe, only a little different. Regular Angel Food Cake requires an egg whites, beat up to a smooth meringue with a bit of flour and sugar. If a recipe calls for just three eggs, then avocados instead of eggs can be used to bind the product together.

An interesting vegan recipe for vegan angel food cake calls for coconut milk instead of eggs. Coconut milk can be used in two ways in a vegan angel food cake recipe. One way it can be used is in the raw form, such as when it is added to a cake mix to make a spreadable dessert. In this way, the coconut milk will not curdle, like eggs would if used in a vegan recipe.

Another Way To Prepare A Vegan Angel Food Cake

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Another way to prepare a vegan angel food cake is to beat the yolks and whites until they are approximately half-and-a-half in volume. You should beat the yolks and whites until they are very thick. This is the time when you will begin to beat the egg whites to create the cake batter. The end result will be a light and fluffy vegan cake. If beating the whites and beat the yolks to get a very thick batter, then the end product will be very rich.

The next thing you need to know for preparing vegan angel food cake is to cook the cake at a temperature that is just below room temperature. The cook time will be different depending on your personal preference. This is because it is slightly harder to cook the dessert at a low temperature. However, it will be worth it because the end product will be better than a traditional bakery dessert.

The vegan angel food cake recipe mentioned earlier called for a beat ener-g egg Replacer. If you do not have this item in your home, then you can purchase it online. It is an inexpensive substitute. Using it will also help you come up with a delicious vegan cake, even if you do not use the beat ener-g egg Replacer.


Some vegan angel food cake recipes call for a skillet. If you choose to make this dessert using a skillet, you need to determine how much cake you want and how long it will take to cook the cake. If you do not use a skillet, you will not be able to cook the cake evenly. A traditional angel food cake, baked in a skillet, tends to rise more than one inch higher than it should. If you are not baking a traditional cake, then you will have a difficult time achieving an even bake.

Final Words 

For an easier time controlling the amount of sweetener you use in your vegan cake recipes, you may want to use a raw sugar substitute. In this way, you will not have to use stevia. You can find many recipes that use stevia or brown sugar. Using a raw sugar substitute will still give you the rich flavor, but it will be without the calories from the added sugar. This is the easiest and least expensive way to create an angel food cake that everyone will love.

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