Crave-Worthy Vegetarian Sushi Recipes

 Sushi evolved from Japan’s first fast food-style cuisine. During this period, this particular meal was mostly served to the busy laborers working near the Edo River. Hence, in most Japanese restaurants, sushi was commonly served with wasabi since laborers enjoyed it. Due to the rapid demand for meatless sushi recipes, this led to the emergence of vegetarian sushi.  Therefore, herewith are some of the top 5 crave-worthy vegetarian sushi options for those people with dietary restrictions.

1. Avocado Nigiri

Avocado Nigiri

Avocado Nigiri sushi is one of the most common types of sushi prepared in most parts of the world today. Based on the fact that this is one of the best vegetarian sushi you can make at the comfort of your kitchen with only an avocado. The procedure of making this particular sushi is very simple. For instance, in nigiri form, to begin with, you are required to top your avocado slices with rice, lightly season with salt and fasten together with a thin strip of nori seaweed. By doing so, your final result will be a mild, creamy flavor of avocado sushi suitable for all vegetarians. This makes it a popular form of vegetarian sushi.

2. Kappa Maki

Kappa Maki sushi made of cucumber rolls is yet another popular and a safe bet for vegetarian eaters. It easy to make with just three ingredients, i.e., cucumber, dried seaweed, and white sushi rice. Cooking directions are as follows, cook your sushi rice, wash and slice the cucumber into ½ centimeter thick sticks, lay the nori sheet on a bamboo mat, cover nori with a layer of sushi rice, spreading the rice about a quarter-inch, roll and slice the sushi using ½ cup of rice for each roll. Serve with ginger, wasabi, and shoyu as desired.

3. Takenoko Chirashizushi

Takenoko Chirashizushi

Takenoko Chirashizushi is one of the most popular Japanese dishes made of Sushi rice topped with various ingredients. According to Japanese, Chirashizushi refers to scattered Shushi, while Takenoko refers to bamboo shoots. Therefore, Takenoko Chirashizushi is sushi rice scattered with bamboo shoots that have been simmered in a broth.  The following are steps on how to make it; cook your rice, in a saucepan, mix rice vinegar with sugar. Then, heat the mixture until the sugar dissolves, make the omelets by beating eggs in a bowl, boil a medium skillet and pour the egg mixture to make a thin omelet then cut the omelet into strips, spread simmered shiitake, cucumber and omelet strips over rice. That’s all, enjoy.

4. Inarizushi

Inarizushi is a very casual food most suitable for lunch and picnics. However, finding Inarizushi in local restaurants may be hard, but you can be sure to make a tasty one at home by following. First, gather your ingredients. Then, cook the Sushi rice well, deep fry Aburaage and season it to taste sweet, let Aburaage soak in the sweet sauce long enough to absorb as much flavor, fill the Aburaage with sushi rice mixed with cooked vegetables and sesame seeds well. Make small rice balls, squeeze the Aburaage just a little and stuff rice balls in the pouches.

5. Natto Maki Rolls

Natto Maki Rolls

Natto Maki recipe is a traditional sushi roll prepared using a popular Japanese superfood called Natto. Even though, Natto Maki recipes are among the most popular sushi; it is also important to acknowledge the fact that, Natto Maki sushi recipes always have a sticky texture that may be a bit messy to eat, but vegetarians love it because of its health benefits and taste. To make this roll, you will need the following ingredients; seasoned sushi rice, sesame seeds, wasabi, 4 tablespoons of Natto, and an onion. To begin with, cook the sushi rice in a pot, season the boiled rice with vinegar, sugar, and salt. Take a medium ball of sushi rice, and make an even layer on the nori sheet, sprinkle the finely diced onions over the Natto, gently roll the bamboo mat as you bind the ingredients together. Cut the rolls into fairly small pieces and serve the Natto Maki with soy sauce and wasabi.

 The above are just a few vegetarian Shushi recipes you can comfortably cook at home with a few techniques required. Try them today, and you will appreciate the difference.

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