Tips For Creating Fabulous Vegan Salads

vegan salad recipes

Baked Potato

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The first healthy recipe for a salad is a classic favourite that is enjoyed by vegans and vegetarians alike – baked potato. This is an extremely versatile dish and can be cooked in different ways, such as using the oven or ovens top, broiling, steaming or even deep-frying. It is also great to pair with other ingredients, such as peanuts or walnuts, which have a nutty, salty taste to them. Another good thing about this salad is that it can be adapted to different tastes. For instance, some people love the crunchier, less chewy taste of the potato, whereas others may prefer the softer texture of the bean. You can also add different vegetables or a variety of flavors to the mix, such as chopped tomatoes, olives, pickles, spices and chilli sauce.


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Another option that vegetarians and vegans may like to use is creamy dressings such as a vinaigrette dressing. This dressing is great for adding flavour to a salad and is simple to make. All you need to do is to combine mayonnaise, lemon juice and balsamic vinegar in a bowl and blend thoroughly until smooth. It is best to serve this salad chilled, as it tends to become a little starchy when heated. Dressing this salad is also a good option for non-vegan dieters because it contains no dairy products.

Some vegetarians and vegans who are on a diet will like to use a soy based dressing. There is quite an extensive range of soy-based dressings available nowadays and some of them are very tasty, whilst others tend to be bland. My personal favourite is the miso dressing, which adds a rich, creamy and slightly sweet dimension to any salad. This dressing option can be used for both children and adults and is available in stores that cater to diets. I personally love using this dressing for pasta salads, as it gives pasta a rich and hearty flavor, which is great when paired with other ingredients.

Using Spices, Lemons, And Herbs

Another way to spruce up your favourite salad recipes is to jazz them up with colourful herbs, spices and dressings. One of the most popular herbs for veggie salad recipes is basil, which has a subtle and delicate flavor. For an invigorating dressing, try adding crushed red pepper flakes to the mix. To add an additional kick, try using Cayenne, chili or chilli powder to spice up your salads. I personally love the combination of chilli and garlic powder in mine, as it makes me feel just a tad bit spicy!

Other dressing options that are worth trying are lemon juice, nutritional yeast, tamarind sauce, coconut milk or mayonnaise. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, you can make your own marinara or nutritional yeast too. Alternatively, you could add a dollop of nutritional yeast to your salad (recipe card below). If you have a masher, you could also experiment by using different herbs, spices and/or vegetables in your own version of the all natural, fresh tasting dressing. For example, try blending carrot, basil, mint leaves and cucumber to create a delicious and unique marinara.

Tomato-based Dressing

To make vegan ranch salad recipes more interesting and vibrant, you can also add a spicy tomato-based dressing to them. The spices and flavours of the tomato-based dressing will really pop in your salads. However, if you do not like spicy food, feel free to leave this off for now and add a choice of a different dressing option. A tasty, non-spicy ranch dressing could be prepared using cashews, olive oil and a pinch of Cayenne pepper.

Finally, for best results when creating your own salad recipes, make sure you keep some variety in them. Having a wide range of salad ingredients will ensure that you are always happy with the end result, and avoid ever getting bored with the same salad. Having different salad components on hand also provides you with the opportunity to have fun experimenting with different combinations. For vegan dieters, having varied textures in your vegan salad recipes is the key to enjoying your vegetarian diet to the fullest.

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