The Vegetarian Sandwiches |

The Vegetarian Sandwiches

Vegetarian sandwiches are your ultimate grab and go dish. It basically a meal in between two slices of bread or wrapped up in a pita or tortilla. Over the years, sandwiches have been considered as crowd-pleaser since they have that capability of catching the attention of people passing by where they are being prepared. What makes sandwich such an amazing dish is the fact that they always come in a variety of options and thus cater to the interest of every sandwich lover.

For vegetarian, it can, at times, be limiting when it comes to fast food, especially in cases where one tend to be somewhat selective for the best sandwich. Fortunately, below is a complete list of some of the best vegetarian sandwiches and a couple of ways on how to spice them up.

5 Best Vegetarian Sandwiches

1. Potbelly Mushroom Melt Skinny

Potbelly Mushroom Melt Skinny Vegetarian Sandwiches

This kind of sandwich is simple and also one of the best veggie sandwiches you will find out there. It will be more amusing if you are a mushroom lover. Potbelly mushroom melt skinny sandwich is perfectly paired cheddar, melted Swiss and also provolone. You can still make it more appealing by topping it with something like avocado. More so, avocado will enhance the creamy appearance. You can as well add the classic hot peppers to improve its flavor if you are a spice lover.

2. Potbelly Mediterranean

Potbelly Mediterranean Vegetarian Sandwiches

This is yet another kind of vegetarian sandwich which you should also be looking for. What makes it the best choice for most sandwich lovers is the fact that Potbelly Mediterranean has a quick, satisfying ability. It is also one of a kind sandwich which calls you to be in the mood. Potbelly Mediterranean sandwich is a savory combination of feta cheese, cucumber, zippy hummus, roasted red peppers, and artichoke heart. With the spicy hummus combined with feta cheese and crisp cucumber, this offers you that fabulous creation.

3. Quiznos Veggie Guacamole

Quiznos Veggie Guacamole Vegetarian Sandwiches

This is another fine sandwich which you should definitely try. What makes this sandwich one of a kind is the fact that it has been prepared from a combination of some of the best ingredients. It basically has; guac, mozzarella, cheddar, cucumbers, black olives, green peppers, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and also red wine vinaigrette. All these are perfectly combined to give you that taste you like.

4. Jimmy John’s Vegetarian

Jimmy John’s Vegetarian Sandwiches

This is also one of the most excellent vegetarian sandwiches you can find out there. What makes it your best option is the fact that its sample and yet a flavorful type of vegetarian sandwich you can ever have in life. This sandwich has provolone, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, avocado spread, and sprouts on it. This sandwich also comes with mayo, which is one of the excellent yummy combinations. To spice it up, you can go ahead and add oregano and even some onions on it.

5. Anything From Which Sandwich

Anything From Which Wich Vegetarian Sandwiches

This is usually considered to be the best vegetarian sandwiches by many people out there simply because of the magnitude of vegetarian options. What also makes these sandwiches super unique is the fact that you can chain with more than just one veggie option. In fact, in most cases, you will tend to find them having a whopping FIVE vegetarian bases. On it, you will find black bean patties (WOW), hummus, tomatoes, capers, avocado, and an artichoke heart.

So as a sandwich lover, worry no more since all your needs have been carefully catered for, and thus your veggie life should not be boring at any one point. With the above, combined you now have the full knowledge on how you can perfectly spice them up, then you are ready to go and enjoy.

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