The 10 Best Fast Food for Vegans

fast food for vegans

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Today, more and more people are choosing to follow a vegan diet. Why? For starters, they want to do their part in reducing the impact on the environment of factory farming. But there’s also a growing body of research that shows vegans have lower rates of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes than meat-eaters. And for those who choose this lifestyle because it is morally wrong to exploit animals for food purposes–well–it turns out that not only does eating vegan help all these causes but it also tastes amazing! In fact, some would say that today’s most innovative chefs are working with vegetables rather than meat.

What is a vegan diet?

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A vegan diet is one that contains not a single ingredient derived from an animal. No meat, dairy, eggs, or gelatin are allowed. However, vegans still eat plenty of carbs and sugars–which unfortunately adds up to lots of processed foods. It’s no secret that the American food system isn’t exactly known for its healthfulness. Thankfully, it’s easy to find vegan versions of fast food!

No need to wait! Here are 10 of the best fast food for vegans!

1. Beyond Meat Burger from A&W

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This burger is made from plant-based protein and contains absolutely no animal products. It tastes just like meat with all the fixings you would find on any other burger, minus the guilt! You can order one of these tasty patties for yourself at A&W restaurants across Canada. To make it vegan, just delete the cheese and sauces.

2. Vegan French Fries From McDonald’s to Burger King

French fries are vegan! All you have to do is ask for them without salt and with no butter on the side, and they’re good to go. The same goes for their onion rings.

3. Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A isn’t the only vegan fast food on this list, and they’re not even close to being nationally available, but because it’s in Tennessee, their grilled nuggets are 100% vegan! That means you can enjoy them in your favorite local restaurant or pick them up at any of their three locations.

4. Burger King

Burger King offers a veggie burger, and in many locations, Subway has an option that’s made to order. Plus, the chain Bareburger has an entire menu of different vegan burgers you can enjoy!

5. KFC Bowls (or Baskets)

If you like your veggies with your meal instead of chips and French onion dip,

6. Subway: Veggie Delight

This sub has avocado, cucumber, lettuce, and tomato as well as spinach and olives (if you want to add those),

7. Wendy’s

This fast food for vegan has a black bean burger that is vegan-friendly and can also be ordered with a garden salad minus chicken; this option is actually really good!

8. Chipotle

Their Sofritas are made with organic tofu, which is certified gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan. You can order them in a bowl, a salad, or a burrito. This is hands down one of the best vegan fast food options out there!

9. Domino’s

There are more than 20 types of veggie pizzas at this fast food for vegan; they’re all vegan and made to order with fresh veggies on top. Plus, you can go into any Dominos’ location and order a cheese pizza with no sauce and add your own.

10. Cheerios!

Many bowls of cereal contain milk products, but not Cheerios. This is the only cereal that I found to be vegan when I researched this topic, so stock up on these colorful little heart-shaped pieces of joy!

This menu from the above-mentioned fast food for vegans is available at all of these chains, so you can take your pick.

The bottom line

Fast food is typically loaded with sodium, calories, and fat, which are all things that vegans try to avoid. It’s difficult because many vegan foods involve cheese or other high-fat options. Fortunately, fast food for vegans is everywhere. Fast food for vegans is everywhere, so there’s no excuse to not indulge your cravings without sacrificing your health. The options are endless with everything from burgers and fries to pizza being vegan-friendly! Grab a bite today at one of these 10 best vegan fast foods for you or order them online.

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