Some Delicious Vegetarian Fall Recipes for Dinner

vegan fall recipes

Are you a newbie vegan? The Sacramentalo Vegan Festival in Rome may be the right place for you. This vegetarian celebration has been celebrated every year since 1999 and thousands of visitors from around the world come to take part in this unique and tasty food experience.

Bean Creme

A pile of fruit

If you are looking for vegan friendly restaurant or cafe that offers healthy, fresh dishes, then you have come to the right place. This is a place that not only sells vegan products and snacks, but it also serves non-vegan foods. You will be able to find everything you need on their menu. There are hundreds of dishes to choose from. However, here are some of the most popular dishes at the festival.

First on our list is the Bean Creme. As you probably know, bean creme is a traditional Southern African dessert made from coffee beans, nuts and cream. Being that it is summer, this dish is a bit warm and goes well with a summer party. Guests are usually asked not to bring tissues because the beans get soggy really fast.

Baked Beans

A close up of a box

Second on the list is the Baked Beans. These are like beans, but they are baked. The dish is made out of baked corn flakes, which are then deep-fried until they are golden brown. You will definitely want to try this one! The good thing about this one is that they are very cheap and plentiful around the festival.

Third on the vegan food list is a creamy pasta. This is called Fettuccine Alfredo. It has a velvety sauce that is rich and creamy, and comes from Italy. A good way to describe the taste is “pasta blended with creamy sauce”. I was surprised that there was no lemon juice in this dish, but that might just be because I wasn’t tasting it while standing in line.

Vegan Macaroni And Cheese

The fourth item on the vegan pasta list is the vegan macaroni and cheese. This is served with a hearty sauce of tomato and basil pesto, and comes from the Verona region of Italy. I was quite impressed with the flavor, and even though the sauce is a little heavy for my tastes, I found myself wanting to eat more of it! There are only a few ingredients, so if you are looking for a lighter option, this is it!

The fifth item I found was a delicious vegan bean soup called Bean Bag. This soup is made of kidney beans, carrots, peas, black beans, and spinach. I wasn’t able to find the nutritional facts, but I’m assuming it contains the same ingredients as the bean bag, and it’s definitely high in protein and iron.

The best way to stay stocked on vegan foods at your local supermarket is to keep an eye open for seasonal sales. This is especially true now that Easter is back! I also suggest looking in the produce section to see what new items are available, and trying them out in your recipes.


If you are interested in learning more about vegan food, recipes, snacks and drinks, visit my website for more detailed information. This site will also introduce you to some of the great soy based milks that are available today! In addition, I am dedicated to teaching others how they can eat dairy free, which is becoming much easier than it once was. The key to making this transition is education, and I hope that the information I provide helps you to achieve that goal.

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