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Perfect Vegetarian Sushi

Many sushi lovers out there will preach about how perfect this food needs fish meat in it. They’ll tell you how you cannot have this dish without a morsel of fish in it. But you shouldn’t believe them, especially as a vegetarian. The point is, if you love your sushi, you can still take it without any meat in it, especially seafood.

Vegetarian sushi, for instance, is quite easy to prepare. You don’t need many ingredients. Also, like many vegetarian dishes out there, it is pretty easy to make as most of the ingredients are vegetable and sook pretty fast.

So how do you make a plate of vegetarian sushi? Check this article for some tips on how you can crack a dish of sushi without the seafood.

How To Make The Perfect Vegetarian Sushi

1. Get Your Ingredients In Place

How To Make The Perfect Vegetarian Sushi

For starters, you need to have your ingredients in place before you begin cooking. Knowing what to put into your vegetarian sushi is also essential. Remember, no seafood whatsoever can go into this type of sushi.

This dish comprises mainly of vegetable ingredients. So for this meal, you will need rice as the primary ingredient. Other items to include are sugar, salt, rice vinegar, carrots, cucumber, avocado, soy sauce, tofu, and sesame seeds. Also, you will need some nori sheets and a bamboo-rolling mat to put your ingredients in.

2. Cook Your Rice

How To Make The Perfect Vegetarian Sushi

First of all, you will need cooked rice. Cooking rice isn’t exactly rocket science since it is one of the easiest meals to prepare. All you need to do is boil it for some time and voila, your rice is done.

However, you will have to wash it first with cold water then drain it. Afterward, you can put the rice into a rice maker and wait for the water to evaporate out. When it’s ready, mix the cooked rice with the rice vinegar, salt, and sugar in a bowl. Cover this bowl for further use.

3. Fill In The Sushi Rolls

How To Make The Perfect Vegetarian Sushi

All the sushi ingredients will have to go into the rolls. Since the rice is all ready, prep the other items. Cook the tofu with oil and some soy sauce until it is all crispy. Add in the vegetables such as the carrots, avocado, and cucumbers.

After they are done, spread the nori sheet on the bamboo mat and then place all of the ingredients onto this platform. Take care not to put in too much of these ingredients into the mats, or they will spill out, and you will have a messy meal.

4. Roll The Ingredients And Cut Up The Sushi Rolls

How To Make The Perfect Vegetarian Sushi

After filling the mats with the sushi ingredients, roll them neatly. You can use the bamboo mats to reinforce your rolling. Once complete, remove the bamboo and cut up the rolls into sizeable pieces. Use a chopping board so that you can cut everything without leaving a mess.

Finally, once you cut the roll into thin slices, place them side by side on a plate and get ready to dig in. On the rolls, spread on them some sesame seeds and have some soy sauce nearby to go along with this dish. This meal can be accompanied by ginger, so don’t limit yourself.

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