How To Make Almond Milk: Creamy Recipe

How To Make Almond Milk: Creamy Recipe

Are you following vegan as well as gluten-free diet? Then you are going to love this recipe of almond milk. Utterly tasty and easy to make, this recipe is completely customizable as you want. Have this with your breakfast cereal or use it for baking goods, the creamy almond milk is a perfect choice. You can also make almond milk and enjoy it with your baked goods.

Preparation time – 5 minutes

Making time – 5 minutes

Ingredients To Make Almond Milk

  • Raw almonds – 1 cup, soak them in cold water for the whole night
  • Filtered water – 5 cups
  • Sea salt – a pinch
  • Whole sates – 2, whole and pitted
  • Vanilla extract – 1 tsp
  • Cocoa powder – 2 tbsp
  • Berries – ½ cup
How To Make Almond Milk: Creamy Recipe
How To Make Almond Milk: Creamy Recipe

How To Make Almond Milk

  • In the blender, add the soaked almonds along with salt, water, and dates. Blend them till the mixture becomes smooth. Now add the berries and vanilla extract and blend again. Keep on blending till all the almonds, dates, and berries are blended thoroughly, and the concoction becomes creamy.
  • Now take a thin towel and place it over a bowl. Pour the mixture from the blender on the towel. Squeeze the towel till you extract all the concoction in the bowl.
  • Keep the pulp on the towel aside. You can use them in baking, particularly while making the crackers.
  • Next, pour the milk of the bowl in a clean and air-tight jar with a lid. You can keep it at room temperature for about five days. Otherwise, if you want to store longer, keep the bottle in the fridge. The almond milk will remain intact for a month.

Some Tips

  • If you forgot to soak the almonds at night in cold water, no problem. You can soak them in very hot water for 2 hours before making the milk.
  • The quantity of filtered water depends on the consistency of the milk. If you want thicker milk, use less water. On the other hand, if you’re going to make thin milk, add more water.
  • You can add any other sweetener instead of dates. You can also avoid adding any sweetener or dates if you prefer unsweetened almond milk.
  • Addition of berries and vanilla extract are entirely optional. You can avoid both or any one of them.
  • To make the almond milk a little chocolaty, I have added cocoa powder. However, if you like it plain, refrain from mixing cocoa powder in the blender. But the kids love the chocolate-flavored milk.
How To Make Almond Milk: Creamy Recipe
How To Make Almond Milk: Creamy Recipe

Nutritional Information

From half a cup of milk, you will get 31 calories and 2.7 gm fat, out of which 0.2 gm is saturated fat, 0.7 gm is polyunsaturated fat, and 1.7 gm is monounsaturated fat. Besides, it will provide you with 1.1 gm of protein, 10 mg of calcium, 40 mg of potassium, and 4 mg of sodium.

This almond milk is not only suitable for the people preferring vegan and gluten-free diet, but also those who have lactose intolerance. A glass of almond milk, along with some cookies, will make a delicious breakfast. It also serves as the perfect and tummy-filling snacks for the kids in the afternoon.

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