Here Is Your Vegan Filipino Food Puto Bumbong Rice Cakes Served For You

vegan filipino food

Looking for some authentic dishes from the Philippines. Well, here is Puto Bumbong Rice Cakes which is a vegan authentic dish for you to prepare. With summers at the door, you might be wondering to try out some new creative food art for your next dinner party, right? This brings you an answer to your confusion since Puto Bumbong Rice Cakes is one of the delicacies which will serve you as a great choice of side dish in your get-together party. So, what are the choices of ingredients you need? Let’s check those out-

The Ingredient List For Your Puto Bumbong Rice Cakes Preparation-

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Here are the items which you need to stock up for preparing the vegan Filipino food Puto Bumbong Rice Cakes-

Let us now know the directions to complete this wonderful preparation.

Directions To Follow, To Prepare The Vegan Filipino Food-

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To have a better and quick result, place one cup of black rice in water, overnight.

Let’s begin with-

More On The Recipe Direction-


Well, this is it, this is the recipe of Puto Bumbong Rice Cakes, a vegan Filipino food that is very easy to prepare. Just have all the ingredients stock up and practice now and then for a family and friends get-together. This simple recipe is great as a side dish for lunch, brunch, and casual dinner also. So, learn the same to bring it to your party next time.

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