Gluten-Free Vs Vegan Protein Pancake Recipes

vegan protein pancakes

Vegan Protein Pancake recipes have been one of the most popular posts on the blog recently, so figured it was only fitting to create a VEGAN version of this popular breakfast food. The best thing about Vegan Protein Pancake recipes is they are easy and simple to replicate at home and you can make them any size or shape that you want. These Vegan Protein Pancake recipes will leave your guests commenting on your great taste!

Most Common

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One of the most common ingredients for vegans and vegetarians alike is almond flour. For this recipe, we chose to substitute our flour with coconut flour, as it has a nutty flavor and also is a healthier option than the regular white flour. By substituting almond flour with coconut flour, vegan protein pancakes become even moreuffy and rich.

For this Vegan Protein Pancake recipes we chose to cook a pancake sandwich. Instead of using the typical Graham cracker crust, we made a crispy golden pancake that contained both veggie topping and a generous helping of vegan protein pancakes. Because each pancake was only topped with one side of the pancake, there was less need to cook a second pancake, thus saving some calories!

First we made our vegan protein pancakes and used unsweetened apple sauce to dip the tops of each one in. We baked the pancakes in the oven and while they were still warm, we flipped them over and cooked the other side using almond flour. Now we just spooned the remaining batter onto each one and cooked them in the oven until they were almost burning. When flipping them over, we used a bit of cooking oil to help them stick together, but we found that even with this extra oil, they were still not fully baked.

Add The Vegan Creme

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After baking the vegan protein pancakes we simply added the vegan creme, maple syrup, and vegan butter to the tops. At this point we also added a scoop of the Enjoy Life brand of unsweetened, high-fiber cereal (also from Enjoy Life Foods). The cereal was extremely delicious and it definitely added some much needed crunch and fiber to the breakfast. The fact that we were using the Enjoy Life brand made it even easier to get the whole family involved in our morning rush to school.

Consider Using Different Flavor

For our second breakfast, we chose to serve a banana and cheddar flavored oatmeal. Again, we baked our vegan pancakes on a hot griddle and served the cereal with a piece of sliced, unsweetened, cubed Brazilian walnut cream cheese. This breakfast really hit the spot! As the day went on, we also saw an increase in business as people who were a bit unsure about creating their own gluten-free meals for the family were now trying to find substitutes. With our second offering, we did not have to worry about the occasional gluten-free customer.

Summing Up

The total time for cooking our delicious vegan protein pancakes was just over three hours. By the end of the meal, we had already reduced the amount of corn syrup, refined the flour, and used a bit less jalapenos, cheddar, and sour cream. When asked, our guests seemed to think that the shorter total time spent cooking the meals compared to the original, and that they tasted better too. While we enjoyed our delicious breakfast, we also know that there will be a few converts among our regular breakfast guests, and if you are thinking about making a switch to a vegan or gluten-free diet, give these two quick recipes a try.

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