Find A Vegan Fast Food Option Near You

vegan fast food options

As this trend becomes more popular, you’ll find more restaurants offering vegan choices. As a result, your vegan fast food options are only limited by your imagination. As it turns out, there actually are a wide variety of vegan fast food options both in restaurants and also in quick vegan recipes that you could cook at home.

Focus On Businesses That Offer Vegetarian Selections

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What’s important to remember when searching for vegan-friendly fast foods is that you want to focus on businesses that offer vegetarian selections, not just bland or unhealthy options. Fortunately, most restaurants have realized that there is a large market for vegetarian meals. In fact, studies show that attitudes toward vegans and vegetarians are gradually increasing, which means that more restaurants will be offering these types of menus in the coming years.

The typical vegetarian restaurant will typically offer side orders such as vegetable salad with rice. Of course, you could also order a salad without the rice. A salad without the rice is just as healthy (and can be made without much effort), but it wouldn’t be nearly as fun to prepare. Fortunately, most restaurants realize that a lot of people are looking to go vegetarian and therefore, they’re getting better at preparing vegetarian-friendly menus.

Start Off With An Eco

If you’re at a restaurant, start off with an eco-conscious side item. At some restaurants, you can order wheat-free pasta. Even if you don’t choose this option, your guests should be able to make it for themselves without compromising their vegan diet. Most restaurants have plenty of vegan options available to their customers.

Check out the vegetarian options at your local subway restaurant. While some of the vegetable dishes may not seem exciting, at other places, like New York City’s subway system, you will see delicious dishes such as Baba Ganouj and hummus. If you live in NYC, chances are good that there is at least one vegetarian eatery within a few blocks of your apartment. You can also ask your local co-op if they have a vegetarian section. In addition to helping you find a nice sandwich, it will also provide you with some healthy choices.


Finally, cross-check your New York City dining options against your vegan options. Some restaurants may be a little bit easier to turn down meat if it’s on the menu item. If you have to pick between vegan fare and regular items, use the menu item description to judge the nutritional content of each dish. Find a few vegan-friendly places near your office so that you don’t have to travel too far from your home when you want to treat yourself to a meal. Not all restaurants are aware of the growing number of vegetarians and some are still learning.

Summing Up

Of course, there are plenty more vegetarian options around the city and the country. Some diners are interested in a vegan New York style cheesecake or even a vegan Mexican food pizza, while others prefer vegan pizza or even a vegan nachos platter. In addition to the numerous plant-based restaurants, there are numerous bistros and cafes that serve vegan and vegetarian foods. As long as you keep your eyes open and are willing to try new foods, you should have no problem finding a vegan fast food option.

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