Easily Sort and Organize Your Refrigerator to Look More Tidy and Life Become More Convenient!

Storing too many things in your refrigerator is harmful and can get costly fast. It is because excess items in the refrigerator can block the vents in it, and in turn, make it work harder to stay cold. It compromises energy efficiency, too. Keeping the refrigerator also comprises its effectiveness. Thus, finding the right balance, a well-stocked refrigerator is essential without overflowing the space with items. Here, the adjustable refrigerator plastic rack comes into the picture.

It is a perfect storage solution with a functional design. It is a unique, versatile use rack that can be used as a remote space organizer in living rooms, for toiletry, as a bookshelf rack, and also in laboratories as chemical bottle containers. The possibilities of using this rack are endless. It provides several benefits such as giving flexibility for storage – can keep the rack where you want and how you want; are easy to clean, and are easy to handle. It is resistant to wear and tear or any sort of damage. 

Adjustable Refrigerator Plastic Rack

The adjustable refrigerator plastic rack can be clamped on the refrigerator trays and other surfaces. It makes your food items, fruits, and vegetables accessible to you comfortably. It also has a smart slide design.

The adjustable tray adjusts itself according to your vegetables, fruits, and other items. The plastic rack is compact and small in design. It helps to save space in a fully utilized refrigerator. It fits into small spaces, which is helpful with its sliding feature. It effortlessly comes out and fulfills the purpose. It is lightweight and durable in nature. The edges are smooth, and it comes in different colors.

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  • Model Number: Kitchen Refrigerator Storage Box
  • Lattice Quantity: 1
  • Plastic Type: PP
  • Feature: Folding
  • Type: Storage Boxes & Bins
  • Load: 100 kg
  • Capacity: > 65 Alpine sugar
  • Style: Modern
  • Technics: Glossy
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Use: Food
  • Food Container Feature: Freshness Preservation
  • Specification: 20.5×16.4×7.6cm
  • Product: food storage box
  • Size: Before Stretch 20.5×16.4×7.6cm, After Stretch 28.5×16.4×7.6cm
  • Color: Light Pink,Light Blue,White,Khaki
  • Material: PP
  • Feature1: Stretchable Fridge Holder
  • Feature2: Stretchable Kitchen Organizer
  • Feature3: Storage Basket For Fridge
A tray full of oranges on a counter


  • Multipurpose use and not just in refrigerators. 
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Flexible and convenient to use – saves space.
  • Smart slide design.


  • The rack is not too large in size to store large, heavy items.
  • The package includes one rack only.


It is advantageous for those who cook at home most of the time. And hence, have the need to stock up their refrigerator. Overall provides usable storage space for the overflowing refrigerator. We hope this product gives you the kind of storage space you were planning to have without making any changes to the existing storage system. With minimal expenditure, you will be able to do storage changes.

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