Best Vegetarian Sushi Recipes

Sushi was originally a Japanese dish made of vinegar, sticky white rice, some sugar, and salt accompanied by other variable ingredients such as small slices of fish and other sea-foods. However, sushi has gain popularity in different parts of the world apart from Japan. Vegetarian sushi recipes are, on the other hand, one of the best recipes and dishes people enjoy in the recent past. This is based on the reason that vegetarian Shushi recipes are light and delicious, hence a perfect meal for either lunch or dinner. It is also one of the simplest meals to prepare at home with endless flavors. Herewith are some delicious vegetarian sushi recipes you can enjoy at home.

1. Eggplant Sushi

Eggplant Sushi

Eggplant sushi is one of the best sushi recipes for vegetarians. Eggplant sushi always tastes delicious, and it is a great way to use up your eggplant. The following are must-have ingredients and farm products you need to make vegetarian eggplant sushi. An eggplant, nori sheets depending on the number of rolls you would like to make, carrots, Lebanese cucumber, spinach, a cup of sushi rice, tablespoonful of vinegar, sea salt, sugar and sesame seeds. To begin with, you need to cook your sushi rice according to instructions on the package, slice the eggplant into thin strips, and then prepare the veggies for the filling. Take your nori sheets and place them in a bamboo mat, place your cooked sushi rice on top and gently press down, while adding the filling ingredients and use the bamboo mat to roll up your sushi rolls.

2. Vegetable Sushi Avocado Toast

Vegetable Sushi Avocado Toast

Vegetable sushi avocado toast is yet another wonderful way to make your sushi fix at home for breakfast without putting in so much effort. It is also one of the healthiest dishes to have a taste-off, not to mention its nutrition content. To start it off, you need to pour a tablespoon of soy sauce into a small bowl, squeeze the desired amount of wasabi paste, Spread the mashed avocado onto the bread and top up with your favorable seaweed, cucumber, carrots, and sesame seeds. This is all you need to enjoy your vegetable Shushi avocado toast.

3. Vegetarian Cucumber Sushi Rolls

Vegetarian Cucumber Sushi Rolls

Cucumber sushi rolls are effortless and revitalizing ways of enjoying vegetarian sushi based on the reason that, making cucumber sushi rolls requires simple techniques and thus, anybody can do it. This is all need to make cucumber sushi rolls; two or more cucumber, rice, bell peppers, and avocado. First, you need to seed the cucumbers and create tubes in each of them, fill the tubes with rice, bell peppers, carrots, and avocado. Gently compress the cucumber as you continuously add the sushi fillings until the cucumber is full. That’s all.

4. Roasted Sweet Potato Sushi

This is yet another super delicious vegetarian recipe made of roasted up sweet potatoes with flax seeds, rolled in brown rice, coated in nori sheets and sprinkled with sesame seeds. The instructions of making this kind of recipe are as simple as roasting the sweet potato, peel it and cut it lengthwise into strips. Rub the potato strips with the mixture and sprinkle the flax seeds on top. Place your brown rice into a small saucepan with water and vinegar. Bring it to heat until all water is absorbed, rollover your selected nori sheet over the fillings tightly and make sure that they are fully rolled, and then slice them into small pieces. Sprinkle it with some sesame seeds and serve it with wasabi or pickled ginger.

In conclusion, therefore, the above are some of the must-try vegetarian sushi recipes you can ever think of. They are not only nutritious but also healthy, colorful and delicious too.

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