An Endless Use with the Versatile and Essential Kitchen Accessory! Keep Your Counter in Perfect!

There are a variety of racks available in the market, but this one is different. Kitchen racks are essential because, at times, you need to store and wash fruits and vegetables. But, when you use this kitchen sink rack, you will not only make a temporary drying rack for fruits and vegetables but also for utensils. The best part of using a versatile kitchen rack is that you will get the option of expanding and folding it, at the same time. That will help you to get a fuss-free washing experience. 

About The Product

If you have always dreamt of getting a convenient kitchen space for draining and drying items, then this kitchen rack is a must buy. This multipurpose rack can be used for washing fruits, vegetables and utensils. It provides a comfortable space for you to drain and dry these items over the kitchen sink. A must before cooking is washing up the edible ingredients. Hence, this sink drain rack can come in handy for this purpose. In fact, even after washing the utensils, if you want to dry them up over the sink, you can do that using this rack. 

With a folding mechanism, this kitchen rack allows you to store the tool anywhere you want. It has an expandable design which means that you can easily fit it over any sink. You can now ensure mess-free rinsing of items without adding any extra bulk in the kitchen. The best aspect of this rack is that it is oil and rust-resistant and has a sturdy construction. For easy storage, fold it over and keep it anywhere when not in use. If you use a dishwasher, then you can clean the rack easily in it. 

A kitchen filled with lots of oranges on a counter

Features Of This Kitchen Rack

  • Multipurpose – The first usability of the product is that you can use it for washing fruits and vegetables or any kitchen accessory. It is also glass-friendly. 
  • Organization – Kitchens do get messy at times, but when you get this kitchen essential, you can keep it organized. One can also use it for storing containers and other items inside the kitchen cabinets.
  • Specifications – This kitchen rack is lightweight and weighs only 260 gm. It also comes in a size of 25×35 cm that is ideal for kitchen use. 
  • Colourful – The rack comes in three colours that give a pleasant look to your kitchen. Since the case is durable, the colours are unlikely to fade.
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The kitchen rack is a must accessory. But, while you use it over your sink, you may face some difficulty due to the size of your sink. 

Colourful Use

When you can practically use this rack easily over your sink, there is no way that you shouldn’t buy it. Order one today and beautify your kitchen.

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