A Healthy And Tasty Vegetarian Party Food

vegan party food

Whether you are throwing a cocktail or a potluck, you can have a spectacular, appetizing spread as long as you have some fabulous vegan party food ideas. These vegan party food ideas include favorite favorites and reader favorites of decades past. These dishes are not only easy to make, but they also happen to be very nutritious as well! If you are looking for a new way to celebrate with friends and family that have no MSG or artificial ingredients, these recipes are a great option.

Vegan Backedham Cracker

Many of these ideas for vegan party food come in easy-to-make, yet appetizing canapes. One very popular dish is the vegan backedham cracker with cashews and tomato sauce. This is a simple yet tasty combination that your guests will love. Another very popular vegetarian dish is the bean sprout pizza with lentils, chopped tomatoes and faux olives. This is an inventive take on a classic favorite that provides a healthy, nutritional alternative to that frozen pizza topping.

Vegan Chili

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There are also many other vegan foods that you could serve at a vegan party. One of the easiest vegan foods to prepare is the vegan chili, which can be made in a microwave or by steaming. Some people prefer to make vegan chili the old fashioned way by using herbs and spices to add a depth of flavor. Other people are more interested in vegan foods that have lots of flavor but don’t have to wait for long to eat them.

If you are planning some of these ideas for vegan party food, you will need to find vegan ingredients close at hand. For example, most restaurants and grocery stores have at least a few vegan versions of just about every other snack or condiment on their shelves. You can often find vegan versions of your favorite store brands, as well as some of the specialty ingredients that you would order from a restaurant. In fact, many upscale supermarkets have on the menu complete vegan meals that are prepared the same way as non-vegan versions.

Vegan Canapetta 

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Of course, not all vegetarian appetizers are created equal. Even though you may be able to find the exact ingredient that you want, sometimes the flavors just aren’t the same as non-vegan counterparts. Fortunately, there are some excellent vegetarian appetizers that are perfect for all occasions. These include some of my favorites for fall and winter events:

A good example of vegan canapetta for the fall and winter months is costing bites. These little bites of dark chocolate are absolutely delicious and will make for a wonderfully healthy appetizer or meal. The ingredients are relatively simple: ground flax seed, nutritional yeast, nutritional sugar, water, organic almond milk, nutritional grade cocoa, and fresh pine nuts. If you have never tried vegan pinwheels before, I would highly recommend trying a couple of these recipes.

Bottom Line 

Finally, there is another excellent option for vegetarian party food – vegan sainsburys vegan cheese. Sainsburys sells some excellent cheese that pairs very well with veggies. I love to use cheddar asparagus and mushrooms on some crackers. For other cheeses, I love to use cashew, nacho and Mexican style cheese. These options are just a few of the vegetarian options that are out there, so do some research online to see what you can come up with!

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