A Brief Guide To Some Of The Best Asian Vegan Recipes

vegan asian recipes

And by trying a few vegan Asian recipes here and there, you can easily add this variety to your diet and improve your health overall.

Let’s start with a spicy but quite delicious bowl of vegan, Asian recipes – the Asian cucumber salad. This is actually an authentic oriental salad, and you can even find this recipe in one of the more exotic Asian cuisine restaurants if you are lucky enough to live near one. To make this salad, you’ll need: crushed peanuts, washed cucumbers, a sliced radish, a couple of gloves of lime and a teaspoon of ginger. All this stuff should be available at your local Asian market or supermarket.

Spicy Spring Rolls

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Spicy spring rolls are another of the many vegan, Asian recipes that are now available. These are relatively simple to make, and they lend themselves to adding any number of ingredients to make them a particular flavour. If you feel like using bean sprouts instead of cabbage, for example, then you can reduce the amount of beans and mushrooms in the mix. You could also use bean sprouts and finely chop them, to create a crunchy, tasty version of spring rolls.

If you are looking for vegan, Asian recipes for udon noodles, try a Thai green curry soup. This soup is a wonderful option if you are having company over as it makes an excellent meal without too much effort. For the base of the recipe, you will need: chickpeas, onions, garlic, ginger, coconut oil, salt and pepper to name just a few. Once you have brought all these ingredients together, all you have to do is simmer the mixture for about twenty minutes, depending on how you want to make the soup. At the end of the simmering process, stir the contents so that they come to the fore, add some lemon juice, coriander leaves and green curry paste (or paste of your choice) and serve with fried plantains. The flavours in this recipe are subtle and it takes a bit of work to get the right blend, but it is well worth the effort as the resulting dish is a real winner.

Fried Rice

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You might feel like serving your family fried rice – and for many people this is exactly what they want. This dish is made from a mix of ingredients which may be cooked alone or included together. For starters, you will need a handful of brown rice (or one which has been cooked previously) and about two cups of water. Next, add four teaspoons of dried Ginger (which you can buy from a spice store) and two teaspoons of ground Coriander leaves. If you want to make the recipe healthier for your family, you can remove the Ginger and Coriander leaf from the dried Ginger but keep the rest of the ingredients!

If you want to try some more interesting vegan Asian recipes, then you should consider a mango and coconut broth, made from either of the ingredients mentioned earlier. Again, boil the water and add the chopped mango and coconut, cover for about fifteen minutes to let the mixture soak in the flavors. When it is done, add a little of the broth to your favourite blender, and blend until the chunks have disappeared. Add any required seasonings, fold in any pieces of ginger or Coriander leaves, and serve warm.

Plant-Based And Vegan Asian Recipes

For those who are looking for plant-based and vegan Asian recipes, there are a few easy and delicious options that are not only easy to prepare, but delicious as well! First, you may want to try your hand at making a simple marinade for a variety of ethnic dishes. You can use soy sauce, sesame oil, dried chili peppers, or even an Indian blend like Sambal rice masala.

You simply need to mix all of these ingredients together in a small bowl, and refrigerate until needed. You can make a simple marinade for a variety of meats, fish, vegetables, and poultry; however, for many of the vegan, Asian recipes that you will find on the web, you’ll likely be looking for something more substantial than just marinades.

Final Words

Thai green curry soup is one of the most popular vegan Asian foods out there, and is something that everyone can enjoy when they use vegan ingredients. As you probably know, traditional Thai green curry soup is made with thin slices of lean meat (usually pork), along with lots of vegetables and noodles. Because of its popularity, many vegan recipes have been created using traditional Thai green curry soup, and they are now used around the world. If you are looking for a simple way to create some of the most delicious curry dishes out there, while still allowing yourself to eat meat, seafood, and vegetables, you may want to give a Thai green curry soup recipe a try!

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