8 Surprising Things That Might Happen When You Become A Vegetarian

8 Surprising Things That Might Happen When You Become a Vegetarian

Becoming a vegetarian can change more than just your weight and how you feel about yourself. The change happens far beyond what you put on your table and in your lunch box. Here are a few surprising things that you might not expect to happen after you decide to pursue a vegetarian lifestyle:

1. Your mood changes for the better

Several factors may affect your mood, from your workout to your sleep, your diet matters too. Research showed that becoming a vegetarian may improve your mood because experts say that animal-based foods produce chemicals such as arachidonic acid that have been associated with mood disturbances. If you remove animal sources from your diet, you may get rid of their negative side effects on your mood, too.

8 Surprising Things That Might Happen When You Become a Vegetarian
8 Surprising Things That Might Happen When You Become a Vegetarian

2. You might feel bloated in the beginning

Switching to a vegetarian lifestyle has a significant impact on your body. Since plant sources have more fiber and healthy bacteria in them, it changes your gut so you might experience bloating at first. But as your body slowly adjusts to this increased fiber intake, you will feel the bloated feeling subside. When you feel uncomfortable, drink water and slow down on food that causes bloating, such as broccoli.

3. Your bowel movements might change if you become a vegetarian

People who are new to the vegetarian lifestyle usually have different experiences when it comes to the changes in their bowel movements. Some report about having diarrhea while others complain of being constipated. In some cases, it is even a fluctuation between the two. But give your body time to adjust to the new diet. If this goes on longer, though, you might want to consult a doctor.

4. Your skin may clear up

If you’ve just decided on becoming a vegetarian, one of the things you might notice is clearer. This is not to say that all vegetarians have clear skin, but you might see an improvement. Experts say it could be because the vegetarian diet is loaded with fruits and veggies that are rich in antioxidants and water content, reducing the presence of acne and free radicals.

5. You may feel full for longer

It might come as a surprise but eating plant foods can keep you full longer because the body takes longer to break down fiber. Digestion slows down, and you won’t suffer from blood sugar crashes. This is also why you might feel energized after going vegetarian.

6. You may feel like you’re losing energy

This only happens, though, if you are not careful about planning your meals, causing a nutrient deficiency. Vegetarians are at risk of suffering from low vitamin D, vitamin B12, and iron levels but you can prevent this by looking for plant-based alternative sources of these nutrients.

7. Your post-workout recovery may be a bit delayed once you start being a vegetarian

The body takes longer in processing protein from plant sources, hence the delay in the recovery of your muscles after exercising. However, this doesn’t mean that being vegetarian will always cause you fatigue. Instead, adjust your protein intake by drinking more protein shake or smoothie, for instance.

8 Surprising Things That Might Happen When You Become a Vegetarian
8 Surprising Things That Might Happen When You Become a Vegetarian

8. Your hormones may change

If you go vegetarian, you’ll be removing hormones from non-organic meat that seems foreign to the human body. Instead, you will get nutrients that will stimulate the release of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, leading to balanced hormones and overall wellness.

Plant-based omega-3 fatty acids also boost your good cholesterol levels. Just don’t overload your new diet with soy because it can disrupt hormones in the wrong way. Like with any healthy diet, moderation is the key.

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