Different Types Of Vegetarians

First of all, vegetarians are those people who don’t eat any food with meat in it. Unlike vegans, vegetarians do use a variety of animal products like milk. However, a vegetarian’s diet will be mainly plant-based, even if they use a few animal products. In this article, we review six different types of vegetarians.

There are different kinds of vegetarians in the world, but not many people know this because of the misconceptions surrounding the lifestyle. A lot of people think of this kind of life to be dull, and the food is lacking in flavor, hence the fallacy. Nevertheless, being a vegetarian is a worthwhile endeavor.

Before joining this lifestyle, you must know the different types of vegetarians out there. This way, you can choose the kind that fits your lifestyle. Remember, you don’t have to do something just because everyone else is doing so. So read on and find out the different types of vegetarians.

1. Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian

Different Types Of Vegetarians

These are vegetarians who do not eat meat of any kind. Pork, beef, seafood, and poultry do not feature on their diets. Also, these guys will not use anything that comes from the meat processing process. Lacto-Ovo vegetarians do not eat Broths, gelatin, pig fat as well as other forms of animal fat.

So what do they eat? From the prefix ‘Lacto-Ovo,’ one can recognize the presence of dairy products as well as poultry. Despite being vegetarians, these guys will still eat eggs and drink milk. However, their diet doesn’t wholly constitute vegetables, but a sizeable portion of it does.

2. Lacto-Vegetarian

Different Types Of Vegetarians

Like Lacto-Ovo vegetarians, Lacto-vegetarians do not eat any meat whatsoever. However, you do notice the absences of the ‘Ovo’ in their name. This means that they do not take anything that comes from birds. In this case, we are talking about eggs.

Lacto-vegetarians do not eat eggs and for that reason, will not eat anything with eggs in them. Baked goods like cakes, cookies, pancakes are included in the list of foods Lacto-vegetarians do not eat.

3. Vegan

Different Types Of Vegetarians

Vegans are the most extreme vegetarians out there. Their diet wholly consists of plant-based products. They will not take dairy products like milk, yogurt, or ice cream. Additionally, poultry products also do not feature anywhere on their diets. Vegans are notoriously against the use of animal products as well in consumer goods.

4. Beegan

Different Types Of Vegetarians

Beegans are a sub-set of the vegan class. Beegans, like vegans, will not partake in any food that comes from animals. However, Beegans have an exception for honey, hence the word ‘bee’ in their title.

5. Flexitarian

Flexitarians might sound like bogus vegetarians to some, but these guys still partake in a diet rich in greens and other plant-derived substances. The only caveat here is that Flexitarians will, once in a while, have meat with their meals. However, this amount of meat is quite small and is not enough to disqualify them as not being vegetarian.

6. Vegan Before 6 pm

Another group of ‘vegetarians’ is the Vegan Before 6 pm. These guys strictly adhere to a vegan diet for the entire day. They won’t touch any animal product during the day. However, once 6 pm arrives, they leave the vegan lifestyle until the next morning.

So these are the major types of vegetarians. As you can see, they vary in terms of what they eat and how strictly they follow the vegetarian lifestyle. From this list, you can then decide what kind of vegetarian you would want to be.

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