5 Easy Steps Of Vegan Recipes Pancakes

Vegan Recipes Pancakes

In 2020 many people turn vegan as they believe that vegan food contains more energy than any other meat or dairy product. Well, that’s true, and researches have shown that too. Converting vegan is the best way to help animals and show your love towards them. Vegan food, on average, is 9071.847 grams lighter than meat and dairy products. Vegan food allows you to maintain a healthy weight and do wonders with your skin. If you think vegan food is bland and contains only veggies, then you are wrong. You can experiment with vegan food, too; all you need to do is replace some dairy products with vegan like cow milk with almond milk, butter with sunflower or coconut oils, etc. So here is a new vegan recipe for pancake, which is super easy to cook and delicious. You will love these vegan recipes pancakes, so let us start with the items that we need.

Items You Need To Prepare Vegan Recipes Pancakes

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These vegan recipes pancakes are for four people, so you can add more accordingly if you are making more.

1 cup all-purpose flour, which is about 125 grams

2 tablespoons sugar

One tablespoon of baking powder

half teaspoon salt

1 cup almond milk [250 ml]

One tablespoon apple cider vinegar

One tablespoon vanilla

Coconut oil

Maple syrup, fruits to serve

How To Make Vegan Pancakes Recipes

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The first step to make your vegan recipes pancakes is to take 1 cup all-purpose flour, which is about 125 grams, in a bowl, add a pinch of salt and one tablespoon of baking powder and mix it well. The baking powder will release its gases once we add the liquid to it, which is why your vegan pancakes will become lighter and fluffy.

Next step, add 1 cup almond milk [250ml] and one tablespoon of maple syrup to add a little extra sweetness and then one tablespoon of melted coconut oil. Now mix the ingredients well and avoid lumps but don’t overdo it. After that, let the mixture rest for 5 minutes so that baking powder activates to make your vegan pancakes fluffy.

Now that your vegan recipe pancake mixture is ready, take a non-stick pan and heat it at medium flame, and once the pan is heated, put a light coat of coconut oil.

Now take the smooth mixture of your vegan recipes pancakes that you have made and spread it on the pan in whatever size you like. As soon as they start to fluff, you will notice some bubbles on them. This means that your pancakes are cooked from one side, now flip it over and let it cook till it gets golden brown color. Repeat this till you use all the mixture.

Now your vegan recipes pancakes are ready to eat. Serve it warm with maple syrup and fruits.


I hope you will enjoy making these vegan recipes pancakes, which you can top with any fruit you like or simple with just maple syrup. I recommend you try this vegan recipe pancakes, and surely you will love it and cook it every weekend. Stay happy, love animals, and be vegan.

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