Vegetarian Lunch Ideas

For a lot of people out there, vegetarians included, lunch is not a significant meal in their lives. This is true for people who are often busy during the day and have little time for lunch. So what do these guys contend with? Well, most of them will often opt to take fast foods loaded with unsaturated fats and processed sugars. Others will rather poorly prepared sandwiches for their lunch than go out because of time constraints.

However, vegetarians are a lucky lot. There are a ton of ingredients for vegetarians to conjure a wonderful meal from. One remarkable thing about being a vegetarian is that all your meals are packed full of essential nutrients. You will hardly get a vegetarian eating something bad for their body.

When it comes to a vegetarian-centered lunch, you are going to need to consider one thing, convenience. These vegetarian meal ideas have just that and a lot more. They are also tasty and highly nutritious. Check this article out and find out more about these delicious veggie meals.

1. Chickpea Spinach Salad

Chickpea Spinach Salad

Chickpea is a little known, potent legume. Its inclusion in this simple meal means that you will be well protected from diabetes and heart disease. Other ingredients in this meal also add more vitamins, fiber, and protein to the meal.

For this simple meal, you will need the chickpeas, of course, spinach, olive oil, raisins, and some cumin. Also included is feta cheese, honey, and chili bits.

Preparation involves chopping the cheese and spinach into a bowl then mixing them up with the chickpeas. In another container, mix up the raisins and other liquid ingredients together. Then finally add the spices and some salt to taste then enjoy your lunch.

2. Coleslaw And Swiss Melt Sandwich

This is another easy and delicious little meal that you are sure to enjoy. Also, since it looks like a burger, you can tell your friends that the meal is a healthier alternative to a Big Mac.

You will need some coleslaw, cheese, pretzel buns, and Russian dressing sauce. The sauce is the key to this whole meal. To make it, you will require some mayo, ketchup, hot sauce, dill pickles and minced shallot mixed together.

Gather all the components and toast them together. This allows the cheese to melt over the coleslaw. Your pals at the office are definitely going to be jealous about your delicious vegetarian lunch.

3. Mexican Vegan Burritos

Mexican Vegan Burritos

This lunch idea is primarily a breakfast option, but you can still have it as your midday meal as well. It is full of spices and other essential nutrients. All of the ingredients are derived from plants and hence perfect for a vegetarian lunch.

This meal needs only eight ingredients. The main ones are the potatoes, chickpeas, bell peppers, corn, salsa, avocado, and the tortillas. Also, you will need some salt and cumin.

First roast the potatoes then stir in the veggie mixture. After everything is done, fill in the tortilla and add on top of it some avocado cream. One great thing about this lunch option is that you can store it for later use.

4. Cauliflower Rice With Eggs

Cauliflower Rice With Eggs

This meal is easy to make and only requires some simple ingredients to complete. When cooking cauliflower, add in some spices as you desire. This is because the cauliflower tends to taste so dull.

Initially, cook the eggs with tomatoes and other veggies. Then add in the cauliflower and allow it to cook until it has softened. Lastly, you can season with some pepper and sauce as you wish.

These are some easy vegetarian lunch ideas to make. All of them will hardly take you more than ten minutes to prepare, so you don’t have to worry about your busy schedule at work. You can still have a healthy and delicious meal wherever you are.

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