Finger-Licking Vegetarian Indian Recipes

Indian food is well-known across the world as being full of flavor as well as spicy. These meals are packed with wonderful spices that ooze aroma. The meals are also mainly vegetarian. Essentially, Indian dishes show how tasty veggie meals can become when cooked rightly.

Indian food is also loaded with many health benefits, especially from the extensive use of spices. Items like turmeric, curries, cumin, coriander, and cayenne pepper rarely miss on an Indian plate.

As a vegetarian, there are a couple of Indian dishes that you should definitely try out, whether at home or when eating out. Check this article and get to know these excellent dishes.

1. Vegetarian Malai Kofta

Malai Kofta is simply an excellent replacement to meatballs. They are, in essence, veggie balls. These balls comprise of potatoes, a mix of different veggies and spices, some heavy cream and cheese. This mixture is made into balls, and some raisins and nuts added to them.

Once formed, the koftas or balls are then deep-fried in oil and later served in a thick gravy. The rich blend of spices will have your palate craving for more of these veggie balls.

2. Indian Potato And Chickpea Stew

Indian Potato And Chickpea Stew

Chickpeas are a humble legume that not a lot of people appreciate. They are highly nutritious, and when well-cooked, will leave you craving for more. Pair them up with potatoes and carrots and the resulting meal will be simply divine.

Garam masala features prominently in this dish and makes the entire meal simply delightful. To make this meal, fry your vegetables and spices over oil. These are carrots, potatoes, garam masala, and cumin. Next, you can add in the vegetable broth and leave the ingredients to boil for a short while.  Then add the chickpeas and raisins into the pot and cook them for a while longer.

Set aside some roasted cashew nuts and once the chickpeas are done, you can add in some spinach and finally garnish with cilantro leaves.

3. Vegetarian Lentil Dal

Vegetarian Lentil Dal

Lentils are a fantastic source of vegetable proteins. Additionally, these grains are delicious, especially when prepared with your favorite herbs and spices.

Any dal meal is quite easy to prepare and will only take you thirty minutes to complete. First of all, you should boil the lentils separately as you fry the other ingredients. These are the spices like cardamoms, cloves, peppers, paprika, etc. you shouldn’t limit yourself to a few spices but rather try out different mixes and see what works for you. Don’t forget to add some turmeric for that excellent color. After the lentils have boiled enough, add them into the spice pot and cook together. Add some lemon juice and finally cilantro leaves for the garnish.

Lentil dal can be accompanied by basmati rice, naan, and even Bombay potatoes.

4. Bombay Potatoes

Bombay Potatoes

These are not an exact meal per se, but rather a side dish for other Indian meals. They are however made with a rich assortment of spices and flavors that will have you licking your fingers for a while longer.

Bombay potatoes are first boiled before going into the oven. For their fantastic color, add some turmeric during the boiling process. Also, a little salt will add some flavor to the potatoes as well. The potatoes shouldn’t be boiled for long as they will break down into bits; five minutes is adequate.

Afterward, add some oil, mustard seed, masala, and curry to the drained out potatoes. Then transfer the entire concoction into a preheated oven. Baking should take place for around half an hour. Turn the potatoes for them to cook evenly. Once tender, serve them while still hot and enjoy your Bombay potatoes.

So next time you are planning your meals, consider these rich Indian dishes. They are full of flavor and have a rich aroma that will entice you to keep on serving yourself more and more.

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