4 Delicious Vegan Indian Food For The Whole Family

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Indian food is well known for its flavors, variety, and ultimate aroma that lit up the entire house. And most Indian food consists of dairy products that make the dish even more delicious and tasteful. But have you ever wondered what vegan Indian meals look and taste like?  

All vegan Indian meals taste the same as any dairy or meat-based dishes in India tastes. Vegan Indian food carries all flavors and aromas that new vegans won’t miss any dairy product like butter or ghee. And we have selected some best vegan Indian meals ideas for your whole family. These vegan Indian foods are 100% plant-based, and many of them are also gluten-free by nature.  

Therefore, let’s begin the journey of knowing about vegan Indian food based on plants. 

Some Vegan Indian Meals Examples

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Whether you are already a vegan and only eat vegan dishes or want to start the year with healthy food habits, these vegan Indian meals will go well with all of your choices, even if you have small kids at home who hate eating veggies. This vegan Indian food will make them lick their plates because of the taste of every unique dish.  

Some examples can be

  • Soya Chaap: Vegan Indian food that consists of soya, cinnamon, pumpkin, and veggies. 
  • Rice Dishes Like Vegetable Biryani: Green beans Tofu and lime with Veggies made in instant pot rice. 
  • Vegetable Soups: Filling and warming soups for fussy eaters or kids who don’t eat much. Vegan Indian soup can consist of corn starch powder, broccoli, fenugreek, and tofu cheese soup, veggies that you like. 
  • Vegetables And Quinoa Recipes: A bowl of Mixed veggies and quinoa or quinoa with sweet potato are excellent vegan Indian food ideas for brunch. 
  • Salads: Salads are a perfect idea for vegan Indian food for lunch or dinner. Add main ingredients like avocado, green bean salad, chickpea and hummus salad, and spinach. All this contains an excellent combination of health, taste, and flavors. Here are some top famous vegan Indian foods.

Indian Quinoa Chaat

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Among the super easy vegan Indian foods. This Mexican quinoa with green beans and sweet potato, and sweet corn is a whole pack of protein. It will sound perfect for dinner on busy days.  

Mixed Veggies Tater Tots

Choosy kids who hate eating vegetables will love this vegan Indian food. To ensure health, the veggie tater tots are loaded with lots of vegetables like carrots, zucchini capsicum, and cauliflower. It is made crunchier after baking and makes it a kids’ favorite. 

Lime Rice With Mixed Veggies

Lemon rice is quite famous among Indian families. Let’s twist it with fresh mixed veggies like fresh beans, peanuts, cauliflower to enhance flavor. This vegan Indian dish will hardly take 25 minutes to cook, and it is super easy to make. You can add fresh lemon juice and mixed veggies, and don’t forget to add diced onion and cilantro. 

Tofu Paneer Wrap

Who doesn’t love Wraps like tacos, especially when they are vegan and packed with Indian food flavors? These vegan Indian meals for tofu paneer tacos take 25 minutes to get ready. And only nine ingredients are enough to make it. Find the best recipes on YouTube.  


These are a very few of my favorite vegan Indian meals packed with a lot of health and flavors. Try these recipes, which are very easy to make and loaded with high-end flavors. So do not worry about choosy kids and annoying family members who hate regular Indian foods. These vegan Indian meals will make everyone lick their plates.

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